Obsah kurzu 2022


1 x 45 min

2 private lessons

2 x 45 min


instrument repair, audition administration, ideal planning of preparation etc.

Simulated audition


The masterclass will be the key activity of the whole Summer Flute Orchestral Academy. It will be public to all participants of the academy and teachers. Every student will have one masterclass in the length of 45 minutes. During the masterclass, students will study pieces that are the most frequently used at the orchestral auditions with the piano. The whole masterclass will be audio visually recorded and after the academy, it will be shared online to the public for educational and other purposes.

Private lessons

During private lessons, students will work with renowned Czech and Slovak teachers and orchestral players. The main subject of study will be orchestral excerpts. Each student will receive two private lessons with two different teachers.


The workshops will be another educational activity of the Academy. The participants will learn valuable information regarding preparing for orchestral auditions and for example how to write a resume.

Flute repairs - adjusting the instrument

The workshop will be led by Petrus Jacobus Groot, an excellent Czech musical instrument repairman. The workshop is divided into two parts - adjusting your instrument and learning emergency instrument repairs before auditions. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn how to work with their instrument. They will find out which repairs to do and which not. How to glue a pad when it is just peeling off, etc.

Administration and where to find auditions

The workshop will be led by the flutist Tim Kadlec. During the workshop, participants will be introduced to the complete administrative requirements of the application for the audition, how to communicate with the orchestra administration. What makes the first impression? Curriculum vitae. During the workshop, each participant will create a professional artistic resume with all the essentials. Furthermore, participants will be guided through all available audition search platforms as well as through creating their own profile on muvac.com

Working with stage-fright


Preparation plan

Simulated audition

The highlight of the Summer Flute Orchestral Academy will be a simulated audition, where participants will be able to experience first-hand what the real audition looks like. The outcome of the audition for the candidates will be a verbal evaluation of the jury and audio recordings of their performance.